Time is never on your side

This text adventure follows the life of Lorene. When you first meet Lorene she is on her death bed and finds out that the pocket watch her father gave her on his death bed, when opened, allows her to go back in time and relive pivotal moments in her life. 

In the game you have initial choices in the dialogue which then follows a predetermined branch of dialogue. Every character has three dialogue branches and each choice affects the ending. 

Can you use your time wisely and rekindle the relationships of your past or lose that loved one forever?

Meet the development team: 

Mythic Circle Studios

Mia Capoli: Project Leader and Programmer (Story editing, Administrative duties, research)

Nazifa Nawar: Lead writer  (Dialogue, Story Developing)

Amanda Schiavone: Lead Programmer  (Twine coding, research, story adapting)

Soyoung Ko: Lead Artist

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