False Truth is a narrative game, made using Twine. This visual novel/text adventure has a branching storyline that is affected through clickable links. Some of the links lead directly to other predetermined passages and other links will give the player a choice about what happens to the character they’re interacting with. Throughout the game you will find that different buttons will help you to progress through the game, while others set you back to the beginning.   The game follows Xavier, player character, as he journeys through the levels of Hell in search of power and answers to his past. Along the way, the player will encounter different spirits that all relate to Xavier’s past in one way or another.  While some of these beings can offer helpful information in regards to Xavier’s death, others will try to lead you astray and waste your time. It is up to the player to determine this through constant conversation or deductive reasoning. 


A young man named Xavier finds himself floating in Limbo, lacking a physical presence and a memory of his life. He is eventually greeted by a cloaked figure, known as The Ferryman, who introduces him to the world he now presides in. Through the Ferryman’s guidance, Xavier sets out on a journey through the different levels of Hell, searching for information of his death and power to continue his assault to Satan’s domain. Along the way, he’ll meet ghosts of his past as he traverses the winds of a destroyed city, the caverns of a gold filled cavern, the blood soaked floors of a stone refinery, and the cold embrace of an icy plain.

Meet the Team:

Amanda Schiavone - Project leader, Lead Programmer, Writer, Artist  https://www.artstation.com/artwork/JA2Km

Warren Jackson - Lead Writer, Artist, Project Manager

Lorenzo Giotti - Artist, Writer


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This game was distinctly different from anything I have played in quite some time. I would classify this as a thriller, not necessarily horror. Horror is usually blatantly scary, however to be a thriller, a game has to keep you on the edge of your seat as this one did. I actually found this more entertaining than the triple A release Agony. I found myself trapped into the world of the character with questions as to why we are motivated into such sadism and demonic delight. I believe this is a wonderful game which is ultimately left to the player to surmise the environment. This aspect is aided by the visuals, however it is played out in the minds of the player for the most part. I was able to catch on to the theme of the 7 deadly sins fairly quickly, so I was able to observe and take the game with perspective. This is wonderful, my only critique has to be the game bug i encountered three or four times in the game, not for the sake of patience, but the sake of progression. I wanted to see the rest of the game, as well as the wonderfully scripted content. Please let me know if you fix this because I would love to return to this and finish it to the end. Excellent work to the team of writers, truly a gruesome and bloody tale!